Frugal For FIRE

A list of frugal practices to help get closer to Financial Independence.

I have tried to focus on general frugal practices. Some limitations:

  • Not specific deals that will be here today and gone in the future.
  • Not specific retailers when the practice can be applied across multiple. Do note there are some call outs for enduring deals at big names like Amazon and Costco.
  • I avoided financial hacking, credit churning, and other actively managed finance “loopholes”.

You may find:

  • Everything is subjective based on what I think is a good practices, the effort and cost savings.
  • Details lacking on the meaning of the practice or how to practice it. This list started as a reminder for me, so no one else needed to understand. As I add more to the list I will work to include the detail.
  • I need to work on consistent grammar and capitalization. Since some of the entries are a few words, and others more like sentences, my entries have been in consistent.