Huberman Lab Analysis

2023 Huberman Lab Episode Analysis released! I am happy to share this analysis to understand frequent topics and related episodes across over 160 episodes of the Huberman Lab Podcast. Its 10 pages of content include:

  • Most frequent people discussed
  • Most frequent topics discussed
  • Most frequent techniques discussed
  • Most frequent products mentioned
  • Most frequent books mentioned
  • An episode list with top topics covered
  • A map of related episodes

The goal is to help people find resources they previously did not know about, and make the connection to other interests. Look for addition analysis and apps in the future.

I have always been interested in “sharpening the saw” and lifelong learning.  During the pandemic I had the opportunity to develop regular exercise and self-improvement habits, only to suffer a setback with a back injury.  With goals to heal my back, gain strength and learn, I found myself jumping around podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos and books.  It was amazing to have all of these resources, but finding media that resonated was a hit and miss exercise.  There was no good way to navigate these resources with a cohesive path.  It would have been great to have a curated curriculum recommending watch this video, then read x book, and summarize with this podcast.

Helping to connect the web of resources is interesting and important problem that I would like to help solve for others.  This analysis of Huberman Lab is my attempt to make it a little easier to find common themes and related episodes.  I have done some previous experiments with the Tim Ferriss Show with a common connections search.

The approach I am using is based on knowledge graphs and data science.  I have taken a set of Huberman Lab transcripts and extracted out guests, topics, tools, techniques, etc.  Then I imported these “nodes” into a graph database.  It is that graph database of ~10k nodes and ~30k relationships that I am using to enable the analysis of most common elements, most shared elements, and most related episodes.

I hope this is a useful resource and I would love to get feedback on what you like and what else you might want to see (feedback form).