It was an unexciting week with project:

  • For the new shop I finally got in a new set of “Dark Sky Compliant” lights. They look great, but it will take some work to get them to sit flush against the corrugated siding. I cannot seem to find any mounting plates that fit the corrugated grooves which would be a good solution. I was think that either finding some corrugated trim or 3d printing them might be an option, but I don’t think I have time to experiment with that.
  • The other project that consumed a lot of my time this week was a dashboard for work that could be used to analyze our metadata that is stored in a graph. No sense in going too deep into that here, but I would love to have some future projects around metadata and graphs.
  • Also a quick shoot out to the garden. We harvested some amazing carrots yesterday. While doing so I noticed the irrigation in one bed was broken, so I install the new style. The old style I was using had 2 little prongs that stood up. Eventually they become brittle and break off. The new style is just a fitting that you push the irrigation line into. Seems to be much tougher.





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