01272024 – Medium Articles

I have been a bit quiet on blog posts, because I have moved a lot of my project writing over to Medium (https://medium.com/@garygeo). The main reason being there are already audiences over there to interact with. Even so I will keep update this blog with more updates about projects and the creative journey. Logging about the process is most often for myself and maintaining a portfolio of work.

So what have I been writing about? It really all comes down to knowledge graphs, comparative data analysis and LLM’s. I am fascinated by the potential for organizing the knowledge that is available and find ways to help people navigate it. This is not to say creating a search engine, or tagging system, but deeply understanding a domain and helping to connect the data points to see the unspoken story. A lot of that comes through in identifying trends, and similarities. For example what are common topics across a series of podcasts or which books make different top 100 lists. By deeply understanding these patterns the process of understanding can be accelerated. Maybe this is all still abstract, so let me explain the articles I have been working on.

The first set of articles are related to an Huberman Lab Podcast Knowledge Graph I set up. I look for trends across episodes and dive into the episodes that certain topics appear the most in.

For my 5th story I wanted to dig into some books and took three list that track popular self-improvement books and did some comparative analysis of what books they have in common and other trends.

It has been a good experience getting in the habit of writing and starting to learn the dynamics of the new platform.