Its a cold rainy day here in Tucson or maybe its a nice day to be inside a warm house writing my weekly update.

  • I went to the university surplus store again this week. They had a cabinet that I think was intended for microfiche (if you remember that) and looks like it was most recently used in a garage. It is going to be great for storing hardware and misc spare parts. The color was a bland beige and had a lot of blemishes, so I decided to dismantle it and spray paint it black… so about 15 cans of spray paint later I am still not done covering all the beige completely. While I do love repurposing old well built items, I seriously need to learn how to paint without spray cans. #repurpose #refurbish
  • As a side note I found out that the crazing looking tracked vehicle was not a homemade creation, but rather a “snow coach“. Looking at the linked wikipedia article it actually seems to be very similar to a Thiokol 601.
  • I also spent some time in the shop. I finished the ceiling trim I was working on, the paint is as good as it is going to get and so the lights are really the only pre-move in task I am waiting on. I have some cords on order that should get here soon, but I would probably be moving stuff today if it was not for the weather. So close!
  • Last but not least I think I will move this blog over to a GCP hosted site. I want to do some digital projects and the first one was testing out some embedded lists. WordPress.com is a convenient site, and I like that it is free, but:
    • I saw a render of my blog with a lot of ads.
    • I would be willing to upgrade to a hosted version, but if I cannot do iframes that is a sticking point.
    • It looks like with a little work I can get a GCP WordPress site up and running for about $10 a month including the domain name.





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