Exciting progress on the shop this week. It has been “energizing” seeing some of that last pieces fall into place.

  • The shop has power! It also passed the intermediate inspection and is now ready for the final.
    • This shop was first envisioned in 2019. I was feeling really cramped as I got more tools, and our current garage started filling up with hobbies (exercise equipment, bikes, beer brewing, a pool table, etc). So I started looking at options…. maybe adding on to our current garage, maybe something stand alone. I ended up going with the same metal building company that did our garage. I wanted to make sure I was not looking for more space in 5 years so I went with a 1750 sqft building. Yes that is huge. I sectioned off a “clean” space that I can the studio which is 525 sqft. It has been an awesome learning experience as I contract the different trades and have done a lot of the interior work myself. My philosophy is to enjoy the journey. I have no deadline and it gets done when it gets done. Too often I used to take something that was fun and put a deadline on it.
  • Authentic voice has been a theme this week. From the Tim Ferriss’s email I read a great article about “Taming the Mammoth“. I also came across a Steve Jobs quote, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked.” Isn’t it great when the same message comes to you from different channels? I guess the point is not to worry about what other’s think. Live your life, be you.






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