This week felt pretty unproductive project wise, but then I feel like I made up for things this weekend.

  • Let’s start with the shop. I started moving in a few things, spent some time working on the lights, touching up some stains on the wall, but the best thing I did was find these amazing old filing cabinets at the university surplus store. 

    I have been thinking a lot about tool storage.  I generally want to avoid something cookie-cutter and not high quality.  My preference is to build something or find something used/retro of high-quality.  As for the tools, I have a lot of tools and material and it would be great if they are protected from dust.  They should also be easily accessible and easy to see what is what.  So I was exploring the university’s surplus warehouse.  I started thinking about converting old server racks, looked at some metal cabinets, etc.  I knew they had a lot of filing cabinets, but I had not looked too closely.  Anyway I started to think about it and they will work really well.  Everything is concealed, they are made to hold heavy files, they were probably built in the 60’s or 70’s and…. They were $15 each!
  • Ok, as a bonus I am posting a picture of this crazy machine that was outside the surplus store.  This was someone else’s random project.  🙂  If you look closely you will see that the tracks are actually wheel driven (meaning there are wheels with tires inside of the track).  Anyway I was impressed and entertained… I wonder if they will ever auction it off.
  • Lastly, I made some progress on ”lists”.  I have a couple interesting lists started in Airtable and am trying to find the best way to host them.  I inquired on Reddit and got back some thoughts on WordPress or Drupal.  I also tried to plug the Airtable directly into this WordPress site and found out it doesn’t support iframes for security reasons.  I will explore those options, but they are feeling a bit heavy, expensive and clunky.

That is a good summary. I am hoping to get a couple more hours of work in on the shop today, so I had better get to that.






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