Snow and Sun

We had our best snow in years on Tuesday and this weekend has been beautiful in the 70’s. It has been a pretty productive week, so where to start:

  • The GCP switch for hosting this site is done. I still have some work to get the theme right, but the site is up (now and the old post are migrated.
  • I am moving into the shop! Sure there have been some tools, etc making their way over, but the fabrication part of the shop is complete and it is time to move in. I spent the morning loading the material rack into the trailer, painting the rack and parking the trailer in the shop. Makes me realize just how much scrap I have… maybe I should get rid of some, but I am sure as soon as I do I will need it (yes, that is a hoarder mentality).
  • Last but definitely not least I have discovered some amazing new not taking software called Obsidian. It looks like it has been around for a few years and has a pretty active community. This software is everything I was looking for and more. Specifically I had been looking for a knowledge graph aspect where I could link ideas together. Obsidian does this but as an open source software it supports themes, plugins, so much! I drafting this post right now in it.





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