What’s in the works.

  • Snow and Sun

    We had our best snow in years on Tuesday and this weekend has been beautiful in the 70’s. It has been a pretty productive week, so where to start:

  • 02262023

    Its a cold rainy day here in Tucson or maybe its a nice day to be inside a warm house writing my weekly update.

  • 02192023

    This week felt pretty unproductive project wise, but then I feel like I made up for things this weekend. That is a good summary. I am hoping to get a couple more hours of work in on the shop today, so I had better get to that.

  • 02122023

    It has been a good week:

  • 02052023

    Exciting progress on the shop this week. It has been “energizing” seeing some of that last pieces fall into place.

  • 01292023

    This week was a bit slow. My back has a pinched nerve and I have been lying on the heating pad. On the bright side I have read a lot.

  • Deep Work

    This week I finished Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” audio book. I really have mixed reviews here. While I am 100% behind the notion that focused time is more impactful and productive than distracted time (seems pretty obvious), this book labors these points. It spends chapters convincing us that distracted work is not effective which is…

  • Steal like an Artist

    You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life. You are the sum of your influences. Austin Kleon – Steal Like an Artist I re-read “Steal like an Artist”, by Austin Kleon, this week. It is one of those books that every creative should open from time to time…

  • 01222023

    It was an unexciting week with project:

  • 01162023

    So let’s start this practice.